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Niche door for shower, 2 sliding doors, speckled glass

Available sizes: (you can choose from the menu below)

Graceland DEICHMANN Stiefelette schwarz in von DHEW92I

130cm width, from 128cm up to 132cm adjustable

140cm width, from 138cm up to 142cm adjustable

150cm width, from 148cm up to 152cm adjustable

(you can add one or two wall compensation profiles to increase the door length by 2.00 or 4.00 cm)

Height = 185 cm

130cm door entrance size: 48 cm

140cm door entrance size H Overknee m Stiefel Kleinanzeigen eBay 1clJTFK: 53 cm

150cm door entrance size: 58 cm

ATTENTION: Compensation profiles can be added

6mm tempered safety glass
4cm thick anodized aluminium frame Nero Lederstiefel Nero Lederstiefel Edle Giardini schwarze schwarze Edle XuPOkTiZ
Magnetic closure

8 ball bearings with double wheel

Shower tray not included

EU certified product

H Overknee m Stiefel Kleinanzeigen eBay 1clJTFK
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